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Author page: Chanene Ablett

Explore Education Series. International and Private Schooling

Explore Education | International & Private School

Welcome back to my Explore Education series. It's time to investigate and ask the questions of a parent who is currently putting their children through private school education.

As a reminder of what this series is all about, well with my Grade One year being a bit topsy turvey and a little dramatic I decided to explore what Education meant to me and my family. The format of this series is to ask a set of questions and get the conversation going about what works for you or doesn't. The aim is that perhaps you can help someone or someone can help you to make the best decisions for your child's education journey through their experiences.

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LIsteriosis South Africa

The Listeriosis Outbreak | What Have Enterprise Done?

In 2018 a listeriosis outbreak hit South Africa. It was the worst food-related outbreak ever in this country, and it was the worst Listeriosis outbreak in the world. The cause of the outbreak was linked to Enterprise, a well-known South African brand owned by Tiger Brands.

In an effort to help consumers and the public to understand what happened and also to attempt to repair the damage to consumer trust in the brand, Enterprise invited myself and a handful of other bloggers to a candid round table discussion. This is the start of a series of discussions planned that Enterprise is spearheading. It is aimed at understanding what happened and the way forward.

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Fingerling toy review

Fingerlings Toy Review

I was sent the Fingerlings to review and give my honest professional mom findings. Did my girls and I agree on this one.

What are Fingerlings?

Fingerlings are brightly coloured palm-sized pets that curl around your finger and come to life when you play with them. They respond to sound, motion and touch with over 40 animations. The Fingerling rage is here and it is not going anywhere with continuous expansion of new Fingerlings and accessories.

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Seussical JR. at the Joburg Peoples Theatre

Children's theatre is my absolute best and who doesn't love Dr Seuss? Don't answer, I just couldn't bare the thought of a world where people do not like Dr Seuss. Well, at least I don't have to think about that because Seussical Jr the musical is coming to the Joburg Peoples Theatre!

Seussical JR. The Musical

Seussical Jr the musical runs through the school holidays, with the final performance on Sunday, 28th April 2019. The best part about it is that the fun and entertainment is for young and old. Miss T was a few months old when we took her and Miss K to watch a show at the Peoples Theatre in the Johannesburg theatre complex. Seriously, all ages are welcomed, even babies.

It's brilliant. You don't need to stress out if the kids are not quiet as the interaction with the children and the actors is the right amount. I find it just the right volume and noise level too for Miss K who can get overwhelmed by too much noise. See ... everyone's a winner.

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March Movie releases and Dumbo Giveaway

March Movie Releases & Dumbo Competition Time!


If you are wandering what's on at the movies this month, here are the March movie releases from Ster Kinekor. It's a really awesome line-up to choose from. From MADEA to MUMBAI and MARVEL, everything is awesome, especially with a Dumbo Giveaway with Ster-Kinekor.

A fresh crop of new movie releases hit the Ster-Kinekor silver screen this March.  From action, adventure, thrillers, comedy and drama to imaginative children's fare (for the young and the young at heart), there's a film for every fan. And, for a larger than life, immersive experience, several releases will show across 3D and IMAX, as well as D-BOX theatres – where the phrase "motion picture" takes on a whole new meaning, as movement adds a physical dimension to your film.

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