About Me


Hi my name is Chanene. Welcome to my blog – Tonic & Tiaras. I am trying to figure out this thing called life with a cup of tea or coffee, a glass of bubbly or a G&T, depending on the occasion and role I find myself in … a wife, mother, student and now blogger.

I am a mom to two girls who have made me reassess how easy I thought parenthood would be (it’s no Hollywood and glamour, this I can confirm!). I had the au pair thing down, but this parenting adventure makes me break out into a sweat a few times a day. I try not take myself too seriously as I feel life is hard enough and there must be a reason to laugh or even crack a smile.

I love my family and spend lots of time over analysing daily decisions. I love being in the kitchen, in fact I am a domestic goddess wannabe. I love words and witty conversation, reading, eating, exercising, exploring, researching, learning, and basically any new experience.

So, if you dare, please step into my world where you can either relate to or enjoy what my hubster refers to as “my daily struggles”.

If you would like to get in touch, please check out my Contact Me page.