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It has been one week since the South African Mommy Blogger Awards were announced and I am still walking around like a boss. My children partially listen to me. My husband thinks I am hilarious, well that is what I tell him to think about me.

What’s Going On? [to be sung in the same tune as 4nonblondes.]

I won Best Comedian Writer at the 2017 SA Mommy Blogger Awards!!! That’s what’s going on!

The awards were started by Jacqui Bester the wonderful women behind the blog One Messy Mama. And you can read more about the awards here.

It has meant a lot to me, but how has my life changed you may be thinking? And you want to know more right? Please excuse me, I am pretending that this is a “where are they now documentary?”

Yes! One week on deserves a “Where are they now?” segment piece.

I even managed to get a post out last week as my confidence was on the up and my anxiety and self doubt was on the way down.

My husband now has to laugh at my quips and jokes, cos not only do I think I am funny but the Judges think so too. Do I need to elaborate here? Yes, yes I do. I am quite bossy so he has to cue the laughter.

How Has My Life Changed?

My kids still fight to get ready to go to school. They still challenge me on every level of instruction made with love. Like seriously, why do they need shoes and jerseys in Autumn? This award has unfortunately not made my food taste better. “Mama Chef Jozi” please cook for me and my family for one week (I am sure that is a prize) and “In These Stilettos” please come craft and entertain my kids. Life continues as normal.

Jokes aside (no, seriously), winning the award for Best Comedian Writer really does mean a lot to me. It’s pretty special to me because it was the much needed confidence boost I needed in my blogging journey. It can be so surprising how people embrace the news but then again humans … go figure!

The blogging community is still up and coming in South Africa and it does take so much more effort than most realise. I am so inspired by what can be done and created when transparency, determination and an amazing moral code are applied. That was directed at you, Jacqui Bester.

Who, What And Why

Jacqui managed to get the most amazing South African Judges and sponsors on board. Our Proudly South African Judges were:

Pabi Moloi, Brent Lindeque, Beiley Schneider and Lorraine Kearney

And a massive Thank You to the Founding Sponsors who believed in Jacqui’s vision of a fair awards recognising the amazing talent by the South African Mommy Blogger community based on quality of content:

  • Yolane Bayards Photography in collaboration with Melissa Glam Bam (I’m loving this one),
  • SFP (Succession Financial Planning),
  • Makeup By Ryno,
  • BabyEats,
  • Blue Media Edit,
  • Muppie Lounge,
  • Norman Goodfellows,
  • Backsberg Wine,
  • Hamley’s,

So, Who Else Won?

I would also like to congratulate all the winners on their awesome achievement and I hope they realise they are part of something so fabulous and special happening in this space.

The winners for 2017 are. In no particular order …

1. Best Foodie – Mama Chef Jozi
2. Best Travel – 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, and 1 Old House
3. Best Writer – ChevsLife
4. Best Tear-Jerker – Disney Mom Blog
5. Best Wisdom Giver – Baby Guide For The Modern Mother
6. Best Socia Media – Choose A Row 
7. Best Rising Star – My Daily Cake
8. Best Inspiration – A Million Beautiful Pieces
9. Best Comedian Writer – Tonic and Tiaras  (ME!!!)
10. Best Parenting – Modern Zulu Mom
11. Best New Voice – Mommy Explores
12. Best Photography – Rose and Thorns
13. Best Business – Generally Social
14. Best Beauty – For The Beauty Of It
15. Best Craft – In These Stilleto’s 
16. Best Education – Heart Mama Blog – Adoption
17. BEST BLOG 2017 – Caffeine and Fairy Dust

Now, excuse me whilst I go figure out who will play me in my Hollywood film … oh and maybe do some online shopping to find a hat that will fit my big fat head, cos you know, I won the SA Mommy Blogger Awards for Best Comedian Writer. #JustSaying

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  1. You are definitely the best comedian I know 😁 well done. And I hope you find a worthy actress tonplay YOU in your Hollywood film🤩

  2. congratulations to all the winners and a special congratulations to Chanene, beyond proud

  3. Love it!
    I don’t actually recall offering my cooking as a prize but to bask in the light of your humour I would actually be quite happy to! 😋
    You so so SO deserve this award!!!
    Congratulations again!

  4. Gosh, I love this ❤

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