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Who doesn’t love to review a good product or try out something fun? I do. However, it is my discretion as to which of my social media platforms I use to give feedback on products received, and feedback will only be given if I feel it is something that is in line with my brand and something that my readers will be interested in.

Please contact me to request my media kit. I will happily send it through should you need it.

You can email me at: [email protected]

Alternatively, you can also contact me via any of my social media profiles:

Facebook: @TonicAndTiaras

Twitter: @mschanaynay

Instagram: @tonic_and_tiaras

Telephone:      +27 82 332 0673

For now, please excuse me while I put on my ‘supermom cape’. I need to go save my children from an oncoming dramatic moment … The ‘super domestic wife goddess cape’ is currently in the wash.

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