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#GirlMomsMeetup – Toy Kingdom Adventure


This past Saturday my girls and I had the pleasure of being invited to a Build-A-Bear workshop at the Toy Kingdom in the East Rand Mall

It all started with a pre-event gift unveiling of their Disney Princesses.

Once upon a time two little princess received a gift from the land of Toy Kingdom. So these princesses squealed with delight, not realising what was in store for them (I made a funny). They were about to embark on adventure with their mom.


The princesses ran to their mother and wanted to share their joy with all the world, once again not realising there would be even more spoils in their near future. That coming Saturday they would be joining lots of other princesses and their moms in what would be known going forward as the #GirlMomsMeetup.

And so the fairy tale continued …

Saturday morning finally arrived. The excited princesses along with their mommy’s who are queens, all descended upon the Toy Kingdom in mass hysteria delight. This is exactly what the Kingdom’s doctor had ordered for the moms and their daughters.

Mommy bloggers and their daughters have fun!

Whilst we all have different interests we also have a lot in common. What better place to come together with our girls than the magical Toy Kingdom. I believe we all want to make our girls believe and be inspired to reach for their dreams. With Disney’s latest campaign, it was perfect timing.

Poor Cherish, our workshop host for the day. She brought so much energy and enthusiasm, taking the whole party experience to a whole new level. Her passion is contagious and she even managed to make the girls and moms feel at home in the store. Not an easy task mind you when mom’s are on massive alert, beautiful toys everywhere and girls squealing throughout the store. She is a massive asset to Toy Kingdom.

Build-A-Bear and Disney Princess Time!

First up, Build a Bear workshop time and it was a matter of choosing the Disney Princess bear that we (okay Miss K and Miss T) were to make. The bears were stuffed, the girls were put in a circle and each given their moment to kiss their hearts. They had mommy kiss their hearts too before they were put into their Disney Princess bear. Each bear’s Birth Certificate was made and printed. Little did I know that in fact these princesses would be travelling with us everywhere and be wearing the girls clothes. A special bear love was formed between the girls and their bears and once again I think Disney’s #beamazing was taken to heart.

Next it was feeding time with Fournos Bakery

After all, happy fed children equates to happy overfed moms. For that we have to thank Fournos Bakery for their lovely array of gorgeous delights. I may have put a few extra snacks on my kids plate with the full knowing full well that I would be finishing those mouthwatering morsels.

I call it a good mom move.

Magic Balloon

Next our Super Star Cherish played games and I discovered the funniest and most frustrating toy in the world. Have you heard of Magic Balloon? It was competition time and our rockstar Zee showed why she is loved by all, being polite and gracious in her win.

Did it end there? No we were lucky to get a pic with Toady, oh and the girls got to meet him as well.

Cherish and Miss K starting the Build-A-Bear
Makeover time with this Disney Princess this is before
Miss T and Miss K showing off their Disney Princesses from Build-A-Bear
Playing games in store at Toy Kingdom the kids blowing bubbles with this magic
Magic Balloon, this kept the girls entertained and maybe the moms as well

Fun and Games at Toy Kingdom

It’s at this point that you could think that the girls would be bored, but alas, no. They were nowhere near ready to go. They could be found getting comfortable in the different fun areas around the store. There was the lego table, the reading tree, or some were just walking around admiring the toys whilst making mental shopping lists. Now, whilst a trip to a toy store may bring some financial anxiety, you will be pleased to know that there are massive discounts on Disney Products at Toy Kingdom. It is definitely worth stocking up for birthdays and bribes. The sale ends 28th of April 2018

#GirlMomsMeetup Team

This would not have happened without Carly from Mom of Two Little Girls, and Charlene from High Heels & Fairy Tales. Whilst they are my partners in crime with the concept of the #GirlsMomMeetUp they are bursting with knowledge. To add to it, I am a massive fan of them both. It helps when you surround yourself with people who lift you up.

I’m a mom having adventures, doing my best to parent perfectly. With Disney’s help we can be amazing moms to our princesses.

Of course I cannot end off my post without a picture of the moms posing with Toady.


Now this day can definitely go into the Tonic of my life category.

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