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Tag: Mommy Blogger


#GirlMomsMeetup – Toy Kingdom Adventure

This past Saturday my girls and I had the pleasure of being invited to a Build-A-Bear workshop at the Toy Kingdom in the East Rand Mall

It all started with a pre-event gift unveiling of their Disney Princesses.

Once upon a time two little princess received a gift from the land of Toy Kingdom. So these princesses squealed with delight, not realising what was in store for them (I made a funny). They were about to embark on adventure with their mom.

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SA Mommy Blogger Awards 2017 | Best Comedian Writer

It has been one week since the South African Mommy Blogger Awards were announced and I am still walking around like a boss. My children partially listen to me. My husband thinks I am hilarious, well that is what I tell him to think about me.

What's Going On? [to be sung in the same tune as 4nonblondes.]

I won Best Comedian Writer at the 2017 SA Mommy Blogger Awards!!! That's what's going on!

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