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Education and Learning

Education and Learning

Views of an Educator and Private School Parent

Explore Education | Views of an Educator and Private School Parent

When I started on "my educational journey" - I say mine as my girls will have their time and place to tell you their story. For now this is from my perspective. It was during this time that Michelle and I discussed education in various forms and directions. I began to question things like, what value did I feel I was getting from the current institute, and also questioning what was good for my girls? Times are tough and when a massive chunk of your money is going to educating your kids, you do start questioning your decisions and making some tough choices. Michelle is both an educator and a private school parent.

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Explore Education Series. International and Private Schooling

Explore Education | International & Private School

Welcome back to my Explore Education series. It's time to investigate and ask the questions of a parent who is currently putting their children through private school education.

As a reminder of what this series is all about, well with my Grade One year being a bit topsy turvey and a little dramatic I decided to explore what Education meant to me and my family. The format of this series is to ask a set of questions and get the conversation going about what works for you or doesn't. The aim is that perhaps you can help someone or someone can help you to make the best decisions for your child's education journey through their experiences.

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Seven Habits Of Effective Recyclers

Recycling. Being a Recycler. A noun or a verb that fills you with delight or dread. Perhaps you’ve tried recycling but couldn’t find anywhere to drop your items off. Maybe you’re hooked and love to see how little waste from your home or office goes to landfill. Or maybe you’re trying but you feel you’re missing the mark somewhere.

When I read the above paragraph I felt that my thoughts had been read, that this press release was written just for me. I could answer yes to those questions and yes I am well and truly ready to take the first step towards being a Recycler.

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School’s out for Holidays – Adventure Clubs is in

Today is one more sleep and then it is school holidays.

Am I scared?

A little… and that is a rookie thing to be. Scared that is, not a rookie at parenting.

The First Rule Of Parenting

The first rule of parenting, or taking care of the children, is that those snot-flickers can smell fear. It's part of their DNA, so we can't really blame them. It's mother nature's fault.

Back to first rule: Do not ever tell your children that it is a special day and that they must behave. Something ticks over in the brain and then there it is. The glazed look and twinkle in their eye … CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

"I will do everything opposite to what my lovely parent has asked of me"

Said in an evil whisper.

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I Have Failed My Child: Grade One Might Break Me!

We are only in February and I am already experiencing huge anxiety because I feel like I have failed my child, and I think grade one is going to break me. My anxiety about this is making me a bit of a hot mess, as in sweaty.

Grade One and homework, who would have thought that you would cause me more anxiety than Jacob Zuma?

Grade One was so different when I started school, now the pressure is on. Everyone warned me. I thought I was prepared. It turns out, I wasn't. Nothing can possibly prepare you for Grade One.

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Guideline when Recruiting an Au Pair

A Guideline Of What To Consider When Employing An Au Pair.

In one of my past lives I was an au pair. For a few years after that I ran a local Au Pair recruitment agency. I thought it would be useful to use my background to put together a guideline of what to consider when employing an Au Pair.

What Is An Au Pair?

There are many definitions of au pairs and childminders. However, during my time running the agency and trying to put some structure to a very new environment and service, this is what we decided on with regards to providing an explanation for each service:   

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