Parenting and Education are areas that I am quite driven to research and keep up to date with what the latest findings are. Some of my investigations lead to Toy Reviews and stumbling across brands I know or new ones. Enter LeapFrog Educational toys.

Whilst I find what works and doesn’t quite work for my family, I hope it helps you and yours. I look at quality, value for me and what research is behind the end product. I’m also a sustainability nerd so I always like to see what a company does to give back.


The buzz word is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) or STEAM (Science, Technology, Art and Maths) learning approach and I am investigating more into this educational aspect of learning. But it needs to start somewhere and so I begin with the basics of learning to read, shapes – the foundation and that is where I introduce you to the Leap Frog brand.

Take the LEAPFROG brand

I am a massive fan of the LeapFrog brand because it is my go to gifting guide, for friends and my family. The LeapFrog toys that were gifted to us over the years are still giving my kids joy. Especially their Pal Scout and Violet. We have one of each.
When giving gifts I guess there are 2 different approaches a fun and cool gift or the practical one that is needed and invokes limited squeals of delight.

Leapfrog toys have the ability to be both cool and fun, with squeals from kids and parents alike. I am talking from experience here.

Giveaway: The LEAPFROG Brand

Prima Toys had an event this year and with it we were able to see what is coming to stores or what has just been unpacked (that is for its own post). I was lucky enough to be asked to review a My Pal Scout and because my girls already each have their own Pal I was happy to do it and so Prima Toys has given the go ahead on a giveaway for two LeapFrog toys. That is correct TWO. Thank you Prima Toys 🙂

Drum Roll please I will be giving away one of each:

A Read With Me Violet and a LeapFrog Number Crunchin’ Squirrel.

Leapfrog’s Read With Me Violet is the Perfect Introduction to Reading!

Watch your little one light up with LeapFrog’s Read With Me Scout, a cute cuddly Puppy complete with a set of 5 colourful books that Scout can read to your little ones!

Scout responds to every pet, pat, hug and kiss—press a button on Scout’s collar to start reading and pat his head to turn the page. Scout loves to sing, too! Switch into Sleepy Time Mode when it’s time to snuggle and listen to relaxing stories and 8 minutes of lullabies.

Read with Me Scout is available at selected retail stores. Available in green and violet (Read with Me, Violet). Recommended retail price is R599.00.

AND that is not all …

LeapFrog’s Number Munchin Squirel is an ideal introduction to numbers

“The Number Crunchin’ Squirrel™ offers a number of fun activities to build early concepts around numbers and sums. The squirrel challenges your child to count along and feed it different combinations of squirrel treats to make different sums. Playing with numbers in these fun ways can foster early math awareness and build math skills.”

Clement Chau, PhD LeapFrog Learning Expert.

Recommended retail price is: R549.99 from good toy stores and retailers countrywide

How to enter:

Read the Competition T’s and C’s and follow the Rafflecopter giveaway advise

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. The prize is as follows: one Read with Me Violet valued at R599.00 and one LeapFrog Number Crunchin’ Squirrel R549.99
  2. The prize is as stated and no cash or other alternatives will be offered.The prizes are not transferable. Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice.
  3. Winners will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter (follow all the steps please)
  4. This prize is only open to people living in South Africa
  5. By entering the competition you confirm that you will bide by all the terms and conditions.

Good luck xxx

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  2. I look for toys that are practical and strong ones that will last from one child to the next.

  3. I look for affordable and durable toys for my boys… Leap Frog has amazing things for them

  4. I look for fun and educational

  5. I look for toys that are fun and educational.

  6. I look for quality and Age appropriate toys

  7. I look for quality, age appropriate toys😆

  8. I look for educational toy products. With my sons 3rd birthday in 5 weeks time I’ve been looking at getting him educational toys that teach numbers, colours shapes ect. With him not at school yet and bored at home it’s essential I found something educational for him

  9. When buying toys for my son I look for good quality, educational toys at a reasonable price. I’m willing to pay a bit more if I know that they will keep my son entertained for hours. Leapfrog toys are so cleverly thought out and designed!

  10. Wow, incredible competition! I love this brand! I look for good quality, educational toys at a reasonable price. Leapfrog products have been well-designed and provide hours of fun!

  11. I always look for toys that can fun and educational and engaging. Something that grows with my son

  12. I love educational toys! I prefer to buy them for my own child and I am the aunty that buys all the educational toys for the neices and nephews

  13. This would be awesome for my grandchildren

  14. When buying toys for kids i look for something that will be interactive and educational. I like toys that will be used often and that will stimulate their brains to think and problem solve. I have used Leapfrog toys for my first daughter throughout her early years and would love to do the same with our second! Skyla loved her pal scott and i just know Ryleigh would love a little pal too #FingersCrossed

  15. Fun and educational at the same time is a bonus buy!

  16. i look for toys that is age and price appropriate, educational, fun and colorful 🙂

  17. Educational elements, bold, fun and user-friendly

  18. Things I’m looking for in toys is if it is age appropriate, educational, the price and it must be colorful and fun 🙂

  19. Things I look for in toys is if it is age appropriate and educational, then at price and it must be colorful and fun 🙂
    Awesome giveaway, holding thumbs. My son would absolutely love this amazing prize/gift.

  20. Awesome competition! Am excellent educational brand! 💛

  21. when I am buying toys for my little girls (2 and 4) I look out for something that will not only last long but is something they would genuinely love to have. I want something they can learn from while still having loads of fun but at the same time something that will suit their personalities and interests which are very different.

  22. quality and durability.leapfrog surely offers both and much more.

  23. the things that i look for in a toy is quality and durablility.Leapfrog surely offers both these things and way more.

  24. I absolutely love the Leap Frog products, they’re perfect for my little boy who will be starting grade one next year

  25. When looking for a toy it has to be colourful to get their attention, it must be bring out their creative side to use their imagination. It must be exciting, educational and fun to play with and not just once off and thrown into the toybox and forgotten.

  26. I look at price and age appropriateness.

  27. Would love to win for my baby ❤

  28. I look for toys that are fun but can also be educational cause kids essentially learn through play.

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