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Thomas & Friends. Big World! Big Adventure! Review


My introduction to Thomas the Tank Engine began many, many years ago when I was an au-pair in London. I looked after boys and one of their favourite shows was you guessed it, “Thomas the Tank Engine.”

They had the toys and the accessories, and it kept them on track (I couldn’t resist). I knew that one day, when I became a mom of boys, that Thomas and Friends would be one of our go-to toys.

Fast-forward life. Things had not gone according to plan. I am now the mom of two little girls, not boys.

That isn’t to say that they didn’t enjoy their outing. Mommy, and Thomas delivered. We were invited to the South African Premier of the latest Thomas the Tank Engine movie, Thomas and Friends – Big World! Big Adventures!

As I type this know that I am currently singing the theme tune.

The premier was wonderfully chaotic, colouring in of pictures and being entertained by the wonderful Sureshnee Rider who had the hard task of keeping the mommies focused on their kids as Bobby Van Jaarsveld took to the stage to sing the theme tune of the Movie.

Sureshnee Rider at the Thomas & Friends Premier
Bobby Van Jaarsveld singing the theme tune.                      Thomas & Friends. Big World! Big Adventures!

The Thomas & Friends movie premise for parents – to keep you on track 🙂

Protagonist Nia, the first African tank engine to join Thomas & Friends, is a strong aspirational character with a great moral compass and sense of fun, with equal competency and capability as Thomas. The UN and experts from the Royal African Society were experts consulted in the special development of this important character. In fact, Thomas & Friends™ collaborated with the UN to develop content for the movie specifically inspired by the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) encompassing everything from health to gender equality and education.

Did the film deliver?

Yes, it was a spunkier Thomas the Tank Engine. The graphics and music are good. I would recommend this film to kiddies who can sit through a 1h21 minute movie. My 4-year-old and 7-year-old were entertained throughout.

It was a cute movie with really lovely messages that everyone needs to hear time and again. And yes, I am a sucker for movies that encourage kindness and acceptance.

The Thomas & Friends Brand

The Thomas merchandise we were given is of the highest quality. It is super impressive. There are loads of  great gift ideas and party ideas surrounding the movie. Please let me know if you have had a Thomas & Friends inspired party!?

I am a massive fan of the Soundtrack and yes, I am that mom who plays kids music in my car.

You can listen to the theme tune here on Bobby van Jaarsveld’s website

“Thomas & Friends Big World! Big Adventures.” is currently showing at a cinema near you! (Yes, I have always wanted to say that!)

Follow and use the #ThomasAndFriendsSA and #BWBA hashtags to see what everyone is saying, or to have your say. 🙂

P.s. there is such a character that goes by the name of The Fat Controller.

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