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Halloween – Am I scared?

Halloween. The day moms can really dig deep and dress like the “witches” they are.

I myself prefer the more demure Stepford wife, or as it’s more loving referred to now, a “Pinterest” mom. After all, is Halloween about real life or is it just a fantasy? No escape from reality? Is this what Freddie Mercury was on about?

Halloween before kids

Before kids – Ah, the party times were good. Dressing up was fun. You could be anything scary but always with a sexy twist. A bloody sexy nurse, even Harry Potter got a sexy twist.  A witch then was a sexy witch.

Now my dress up makes even the witches of Roald Dahl appear tame. Kindly google The Witches movie if you do not remember how scary they are.

Then and Now! Halloween Memories.

Halloween before kids was watching horror movies, and when not doing that, we in South Africa were wishing that we too had the ritual of dressing up and going out to get free sweets. It was Jason and Freddie and nightmares. It was all about the party.

Now,  it is a Sunday afternoon organised walk through our neighborhood, half carrying my kids and encouraging them with sweets. They do not like to walk and only so much encouraging them gets them to the stop sign.

What scared me before kids?

I had the usual fears before kids; wars, pollution and not being able to buy a drink at the pub before the weekend. Would I be able to fit 3 parties in one night? Yes the usual

What scares me after kids?

My kids are what scare me.

Last year the girls dressed up as Wonder Woman and Batgirl. They were gorgeous if I do say so myself.

This year I am too reluctant to ask what they want to dress up as because we are past the point of me telling them what they can wear.

Yes, them not even dressing up yet has me scared.

I’m Just Scared!

I get scared at sweets entering our house for two reasons.

One, because limiting my children to sweets and candy means they are healthy but I have a fat bum.

And two, because I am a sweetie snob. I am that mom who wants to be able to pronounce the ingredients or name of sweets in at least half the stash that has been received.

Trick or Treat in South Africa.

Mmm … in South Africa one simply does not knock randomly on the door to peoples houses and ask for sweets and chocolates. Come Halloween now it’s fine to accept sweets from strangers?

Halloween ,you are confusing me and my parenting abilities because now there is doubt from not only myself but my children. How do I take back their respect?

What happens if someone challenges you with a trick? Mmm … maybe I can do a card trick and that could just be a treat? Asking for a friend.

This was my first ever write club challenge – hosted by You Have to Laugh

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