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Seven Habits Of Effective Recyclers

Recycling. Being a Recycler. A noun or a verb that fills you with delight or dread. Perhaps you’ve tried recycling but couldn’t find anywhere to drop your items off. Maybe you’re hooked and love to see how little waste from your home or office goes to landfill. Or maybe you’re trying but you feel you’re missing the mark somewhere.

When I read the above paragraph I felt that my thoughts had been read, that this press release was written just for me. I could answer yes to those questions and yes I am well and truly ready to take the first step towards being a Recycler.

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Random Acts of Kindness 5 Hints and Tips

Random Acts of Kindness: 5 Ideas and Hints

Sayings that I try live my life by:

Be the change you want to see in the world. Be kind always.

I was nominated by Carly who blogs over at Mom Of Two Little Girls to do a Random Act of Kindness. Don't worry, I don’t just stalk her, she does know who I am. Promise!

Upon receiving my nomination, I went through the different emotions of me:

  • Elation and Excitement (it's the same but I was that happy)
  • Amazement (I was picked)
  • Doubt and questioning (mmmh was this her Random Act of Kindness ... why me?)
  • Over-analysing (what will I do?)
  • Procrastination.

 Yes, it is exhausting being me.

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WhatsApp Group Chat

WhatsApp Group Chat: Etiquette 101

 I have a love-hate relationship with the different WhatsApp Group Chats that I am part of in my WhatsApp world.

When our Telkom line has been down and with it my link to the outside world, I’ve been on edge ... no really it’s all I can get on my mobile. I mean what else do we use our phones for? Calls? Pfft!

I really have a love hate relationship with all the different chat groups I am part of. Whilst these groups can be a pain I find most of them entertaining. However I also find myself wondering how some people managed to get as far as they have in life. Seriously!

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I am woman, hear me roar! Why I applaud women

Honestly before now, Women’s day was just another public holiday in my books.

It is only as I have “matured” and undertaken the task of studying, specifically anthropology, this late in life that I realise that I have not taken the time to acknowledge why we have a day specifically dedicated to being a woman, especially here in South Africa.

I am a lucky woman

I am lucky, I have been born into a time where I have a right to vote and the opportunity to study and be anything I want to be. A privilege still denied to many.

A mom to future women

As a mom, I hope to let my girls know that the sky isn’t even the limit. That they can be whatever they want to be and that they have a right. In our last conversation, my eldest was going to be an astronaut who does hair.  And that is awesome! I was proud. Well only until she told me there would be no space in the rocket ship for me, but she was quick to quip that she still loves me.

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Gifts & party favours – thanks for being present

I survived the party weekend. Minimal drama and tantrums and that was just from my husband. Go me! As the first party ended a few kids went up to the party mom and asked where their party packs were. This mom has taken a stand and is starting a trend of no party packs. Her reasoning is sound - there are sweeties, cake, food and fun - right. I then went to another party where there were limited amounts of sweets and drinks available during the party but we went home with a party pack that was full of sweeties. The idea – send them home to get a sugar high and no screaming kids at her house. Well played mom, well played. So the party pack conundrum begins… to party pack or not to party pack… that is the question…

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