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Fingerling toy review

Fingerlings Toy Review

I was sent the Fingerlings to review and give my honest professional mom findings. Did my girls and I agree on this one.

What are Fingerlings?

Fingerlings are brightly coloured palm-sized pets that curl around your finger and come to life when you play with them. They respond to sound, motion and touch with over 40 animations. The Fingerling rage is here and it is not going anywhere with continuous expansion of new Fingerlings and accessories.

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Thomas & Friends. Big World! Big Adventure! Review

My introduction to Thomas the Tank Engine began many, many years ago when I was an au-pair in London. I looked after boys and one of their favourite shows was you guessed it, "Thomas the Tank Engine."

They had the toys and the accessories, and it kept them on track (I couldn't resist). I knew that one day, when I became a mom of boys, that Thomas and Friends would be one of our go-to toys.

Fast-forward life. Things had not gone according to plan. I am now the mom of two little girls, not boys.

That isn’t to say that they didn’t enjoy their outing. Mommy, and Thomas delivered. We were invited to the South African Premier of the latest Thomas the Tank Engine movie, Thomas and Friends – Big World! Big Adventures!

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Car Problems | Exhausted and tired | A seasoned Round-Up

This may come as a slight surprise to you, but I may have the ability to SOUND dramatic.

In a world (Benoni, South Africa) where the need for a car is a necessity, having problems may be the norm but having car problems well that is where I resort to ugly crying.

Having grown up in a family of mostly girls the over-analyzing need to not sound or be dramatic fails me constantly.  So I will tell you my story whilst giving the facts and to the point. I will try not to be dramatic and keep to the facts. The following story is a recount of the life of Ms Chanaynay.

Car problems are not a metaphor

It is August. I have been trying to do a year round up every month since 2017, so I am pleased to advise that managing this post makes me simply unstoppable.

Between the chaos and the WTF moments, 2018 has had some wonderful moments. However, I do not want to focus on the good. The crazy moments that I have endured make me funnier.

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#GirlMomsMeetup | Mommy Review

An idea that became a reality.

My fellow co-founders and I still sit back in awe of what we created at the #GirlMomsMeetUp. More so now that we have had a chance to catch our breath and reflect back on the #GirlMomsMeetup event.

Did we achieve what we set out to do? Did what we hope to achieve get conveyed to our readers and followers? Looking forward to feedback.

Our mission

Get a small group of  mommy bloggers who have daughters together to start a conversation and review products and activities during a morning together.

Here is my feedback.

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#GirlMomsMeetup – Toy Kingdom Adventure

This past Saturday my girls and I had the pleasure of being invited to a Build-A-Bear workshop at the Toy Kingdom in the East Rand Mall

It all started with a pre-event gift unveiling of their Disney Princesses.

Once upon a time two little princess received a gift from the land of Toy Kingdom. So these princesses squealed with delight, not realising what was in store for them (I made a funny). They were about to embark on adventure with their mom.

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School’s out for Holidays – Adventure Clubs is in

Today is one more sleep and then it is school holidays.

Am I scared?

A little… and that is a rookie thing to be. Scared that is, not a rookie at parenting.

The First Rule Of Parenting

The first rule of parenting, or taking care of the children, is that those snot-flickers can smell fear. It's part of their DNA, so we can't really blame them. It's mother nature's fault.

Back to first rule: Do not ever tell your children that it is a special day and that they must behave. Something ticks over in the brain and then there it is. The glazed look and twinkle in their eye … CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

"I will do everything opposite to what my lovely parent has asked of me"

Said in an evil whisper.

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I Have Failed My Child: Grade One Might Break Me!

We are only in February and I am already experiencing huge anxiety because I feel like I have failed my child, and I think grade one is going to break me. My anxiety about this is making me a bit of a hot mess, as in sweaty.

Grade One and homework, who would have thought that you would cause me more anxiety than Jacob Zuma?

Grade One was so different when I started school, now the pressure is on. Everyone warned me. I thought I was prepared. It turns out, I wasn't. Nothing can possibly prepare you for Grade One.

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