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My LIttle Pony Movie

Let me take you on a tour: My Little Pony Movie Competition

As you may have seen, we were invited to an exclusive screening of the MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE which hits cinemas this month (October 2017).

In this My Little Pony movie we follow the adventures of the Mane 6 pony characters as they journey from Equestria, in a heart-warming tale of adventure, magical characters, colourful worlds and humour for all ages.

Check out the trailer:

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domestos germs

A special shout out to Domestos in helping my marriage vows and their germ busting abilities

Something you may or may not know about me. I had surgery in my abdomen which has resulted in me spending A LOT of time on the loo.

Depending where you are in life the topic of poop is a yay or nay when chatting with friends. If you have children a whole afternoon could be spent discussing poop. Nothing is off limits to moms when discussing their children's poop; the smell, texture and of course the colour.

However, the poop conversation becomes more of a taboo subject between young lovers because nobody poops and that could spoil the image you have of your hunky or sexy partner.

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My Movie Review on “Arrival” and the choice I made to overanalyze (again).

Last weekend the Hubster and I grabbed some popcorn and settled in to watch Arrival.

Arrival stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Remmer who are on an important mission to find out why alien craft have suddenly appeared around the world. As it turns out these pods are trying to communicate and it’s up to the pair to figure out why they arrived on Earth and this needs to be done before war breaks out. I thought this was just another lame sci-fi but it turned out to be so much more.

Do I like to review sci-fi?

I have mixed emotions about sci-fi movies, but when you marry a man who lives for them and requires me to throw a tantrum before we get to watch something girly (which more often than not proves to be a massive disappointment) you have to learn to cope. So what I thought would be the background soundtrack to me working on my Pinterest life, has managed to leave me so deep in thought and reflecting on this whole parenting/adult journey and choices we make.

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The Whale Caller soon to make waves on the big screen!

Zola Maseko’s The Whale Caller, is a fascinating story based on Zakes Mda’s bestselling novel.

It is an enchanting, romantic comedy of sorts, told through lyrical and magical storytelling. The film is set against the backdrop of the stunningly beautiful Hermanus, on the West Coast of South Africa. The story follows The Whale Caller (Sello Maake ka-Ncube), a man who has long turned his back on humanity. It’s a heart -warming tale about his journey from misanthropic alienation to human connection, driven by a unique love triangle between him and Saluni (Amrain Ismail-Essop), the wispy sexy town drunk who harbours ideas of grandeur, and Sharisha, a southern right whale.

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I am woman, hear me roar! Why I applaud women

Honestly before now, Women’s day was just another public holiday in my books.

It is only as I have “matured” and undertaken the task of studying, specifically anthropology, this late in life that I realise that I have not taken the time to acknowledge why we have a day specifically dedicated to being a woman, especially here in South Africa.

I am a lucky woman

I am lucky, I have been born into a time where I have a right to vote and the opportunity to study and be anything I want to be. A privilege still denied to many.

A mom to future women

As a mom, I hope to let my girls know that the sky isn’t even the limit. That they can be whatever they want to be and that they have a right. In our last conversation, my eldest was going to be an astronaut who does hair.  And that is awesome! I was proud. Well only until she told me there would be no space in the rocket ship for me, but she was quick to quip that she still loves me.

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How To Survive Winter On The Side Of A Sports Field

Today I had the honour of speaking to a “seasoned’’ sports mom. All the men in her life (husband included) play sport while she freezes her butt off on the sideline. How does one make this just a little bit more bearable?

I had to ask her.

Is it possible, and if so how do you survive winter on the side of a sports field?
Fear not moms, supportive girlfriends, fiancé’s, wives and even husbands and dads. I am here to help you! It’s not very complicated and I do like to help. How can I, a mere newbie to the “supportive” scene help?

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Easter: How I always want to celebrate.

After celebrating Shrove Tuesday, Lent sets in and everyone around me shows such amazing will power and here I am just trying to give up on shouting and possibly being able to tame my fringe once and for all. Easter will soon be here.

The next thing we look forward to is Easter. Religious or not, Easter is celebrated whether going to Church or an Easter Brunch with family but it is guaranteed there will always be the obligatory Easter egg hunt.

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Tonic and Tiaras

Rest-a-rant 🍝: eating out with kids

My first memory of eating out with kids is with Miss K - she was about 9 months old, well around that age. It was the crawling stage, not quite walking but definitely not sitting. Miss K being the firstborn, I was still so naive.

One Saturday morning we decided

We woke up one Saturday morning with a twinkle in our eyes and the hubster suggested we go to our local coffee shop for a breakfast.  Thinking it was a fabulous idea, I imagined us sitting at the table chatting and laughing while sipping elegantly on our Americano’s with not a drop of food on my top.

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Gifts & party favours – thanks for being present

I survived the party weekend. Minimal drama and tantrums and that was just from my husband. Go me! As the first party ended a few kids went up to the party mom and asked where their party packs were. This mom has taken a stand and is starting a trend of no party packs. Her reasoning is sound - there are sweeties, cake, food and fun - right. I then went to another party where there were limited amounts of sweets and drinks available during the party but we went home with a party pack that was full of sweeties. The idea – send them home to get a sugar high and no screaming kids at her house. Well played mom, well played. So the party pack conundrum begins… to party pack or not to party pack… that is the question…

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