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Easter: How I always want to celebrate.

After celebrating Shrove Tuesday, Lent sets in and everyone around me shows such amazing will power and here I am just trying to give up on shouting and possibly being able to tame my fringe once and for all. Easter will soon be here.

The next thing we look forward to is Easter. Religious or not, Easter is celebrated whether going to Church or an Easter Brunch with family but it is guaranteed there will always be the obligatory Easter egg hunt.

Speaking to one of the moms I know, she gave me such a lovely idea to share in limiting the amount of chocolate consumed especially by the adults (I am guilty as charged).

Why do all my posts steer towards all that is food and drink… sigh…

Just chocolates at Easter?

In this mom’s family, the Easter bunny isn’t all about cavities and diabetes.  The Easter bunny also wants you to be warm so winter pajamas are brought and if needed so are gowns and slippers. How lovely is this idea and look it will last longer than the day of the hunt? So get your thinking caps on. The crazy store has some great arts and crafts goodies to help in the non-chocolate purchasing department too.

Easter and all the other holidays

As commercialized as Easter and Christmas have become – I love it ALL – I am the consumer they target. I am even a sucker for celebrating St Patrick’s Day – yes green beer, green soup, and all things leprechaun, and suddenly I have family who is one-tenth Irish. Except for Valentine’s Day. Romance is for the birds unless I get flowers then whoo-hoo I’m back on track.

How else can we celebrate the Easter Period?

I also think Easter should be a time to do your bit for charity. There really are only so many Easter eggs one can consume. This is a good time to look around and help your fellow South African in need and if you look there seems to be so much more suffering than last year.  Take a moment to see how you can pay it forward in helping someone.

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  • Jonquil
    Posted April 3, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing.

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