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Reunions, Memories, Traditions, and more Reunions

Tonic & Tiaras

My mom started a tradition with my brother and me. What’s this got to do with reunions? Bear with me.  When we hit a big milestone like birthdays or when we look at my kids (in that ah you’re so sweet quietly picking your nose over there way) we play a special “where were you at my age mom” game?

Reunions or Traditions

It’s a lovely game to get a piece of my mom’s life and I think I value it more so. I have a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old. At the same age, my mom had an 18-year-old and a 12-year-old. So different, here I am starting school life with Miss K and my mom’s oldest child (that’s me) was leaving on a jet plane to the USA.

I challenge you to ask someone older and who you are close with where they were in life at your current age?

This year marks the 20th year since I left school. Do school reunions serve the same purpose they once did so many moons ago? Mmmh, maybe if we didn’t have social media to stalk/look/ enquire, possibly drool in jealousy. It makes it pretty hard to have a conversation as we are best friends in the cyber world but oh so awkward up close and personal.

Random conversations between school friends at Reunions:

  • Oh hey, how are you? Well, I got married, had 2 kids. Yes, I know. Oh okay.
  • Hey, so why did you defriend me on Facebook?
  • I went away to a beautiful island, sipped on cocktails and then got this magnificent tan. (I know. I have been stalking you and drooling on your beach pics.)

The Purpose of Reunions?

What is the purpose of a school reunion? My hubster’s class reunion is going forward in full force and they are definitely looking forward to catching up with everyone. I don’t mind seeing my school friends but at the last reunion we had only a few people show up. I have in any event reconnected with so many people from school and can happily say it’s been awesome drinking vino and not just reminiscing but creating new memories.

I love finding out how people are doing. I don’t glee in people’s misfortune. I actually find it quite a downer. I do love seeing how everyone has evolved and it’s fun to see what path adulting has taken them down. For me I am still trying to figure the twists and turns and the good news is there are quite a few people out there doing the same. So maybe a reunion might be in order?

“To reunion or not to reunion”?  I’m always up for the party!

Hubster opinion on the reunion issue is actually a positive one so a healthy 2 out of 5 stars (this is extremely positive people).

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