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Tag: Hubster

WhatsApp Group Chat

WhatsApp Group Chat: Etiquette 101

 I have a love-hate relationship with the different WhatsApp Group Chats that I am part of in my WhatsApp world.

When our Telkom line has been down and with it my link to the outside world, I’ve been on edge ... no really it’s all I can get on my mobile. I mean what else do we use our phones for? Calls? Pfft!

I really have a love hate relationship with all the different chat groups I am part of. Whilst these groups can be a pain I find most of them entertaining. However I also find myself wondering how some people managed to get as far as they have in life. Seriously!

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raw kale

The Great Kale Experiment

Why Kale? I love cooking and trying new foods, sometimes to the detriment of my family and friends. I think my palette is different and it does not like to be bored. My palette is its own entity controlled by weird and wonderful tastes and emotions. One could say my palette is an acquired taste. I have decided that, besides my fascination with all things trending in food, my palette is making me a bit of a foodie outcast.

On advice I am going to start with the basics again instead of going straight to making kimchi. Firstly, because not a lot is known about this superfood and then to top it off I do not have many taste testers knocking down my door. So maybe I need to start with more basic South African ingredients and experience that first. I do find myself drawing the line at “walkie talkies” I know what they are but have no desire to cross that road.

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Is there life after “mommy”? No really is there?!

Is there life after “mommy”? Well, It actually really boils down to who is asking the question.

If young teenagers or girls in their twenties are asking, well then the answer is a simple “NO”! No there is no life; they suck all that is nice out of your persona. Zombies are friendlier. Run young one, run! My advice – go out, get your heart broken, make friends that you are able to be crazy and scary with. Friends you can just have fun with. Have fun. Establish who you are and what is important in your life. You are allowed to be selfishly indulgent at this stage in your life. Find you.

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Mother’s Day: A day to be recognised for ‘our’ awesomeness

Mother ‘verbto bring up a child with care and affection. Mother’s Day ‘noun’ celebrated on the second Sunday in May. A day in which motherhood and the influences of mothers in society and families are celebrated. A day to celebrate with cards, flowers and gifts. Mother’s DayT&T’ a day everyone lets mom know how much she is loved and appreciated, as she gathers her snot flickers to get in the car or starts prepping for lunch. She may have had breakfast in bed but needs to go clean the kitchen up.

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Tonic & Tiaras

Reunions, Memories, Traditions, and more Reunions

My mom started a tradition with my brother and me. What's this got to do with reunions? Bear with me.  When we hit a big milestone like birthdays or when we look at my kids (in that ah you’re so sweet quietly picking your nose over there way) we play a special “where were you at my age mom” game?

Reunions or Traditions

It’s a lovely game to get a piece of my mom’s life and I think I value it more so. I have a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old. At the same age, my mom had an 18-year-old and a 12-year-old. So different, here I am starting school life with Miss K and my mom’s oldest child (that’s me) was leaving on a jet plane to the USA. I challenge you to ask someone older and who you are close with where they were in life at your current age?

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Tonic and Tiaras

Rest-a-rant 🍝: eating out with kids

My first memory of eating out with kids is with Miss K - she was about 9 months old, well around that age. It was the crawling stage, not quite walking but definitely not sitting. Miss K being the firstborn, I was still so naive.

One Saturday morning we decided

We woke up one Saturday morning with a twinkle in our eyes and the hubster suggested we go to our local coffee shop for a breakfast.  Thinking it was a fabulous idea, I imagined us sitting at the table chatting and laughing while sipping elegantly on our Americano’s with not a drop of food on my top.

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