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Parenting and The Tooth Fairy | Your child has a loose tooth. Now what?

parenting and the tooth fairy

To Tooth Fairy or Not To Tooth Fairy – that is the question.

The Tooth Fairy or Tooth Mouse, by whatever you call the wonderful mythical enigma that helps you teach your children good oral health and leaves you broke. Whilst you may know this, or not, I am a sucker for traditions and celebrating of milestones I do think we need to tread carefully before rushing into these things. Bring glitter.

You can’t handle the tooth?!

Well can you…

The baby gets their first baby tooth. The baby cries and the parents are happy (well after the teething experience).

The baby loses their first baby tooth. The child is happy and the parent cries.

Chanene – Tonic and Tiaras

The Chronicles of Baby Teeth has been documented and stressed over for about a year. The milestone of losing your first baby tooth leaves kids excited at the prospect of being shown the money.

Is It The Tooth Fairy or The Tooth Mouse?

Do you know what you are going to go with? There are tons of stories and movies out there. One of my most favourite is when Dwayne Johnson dressed up and become The Tooth Fairy.

Does the Tooth Fairy or the Tooth Mouse visit?

I try to be all-inclusive so to keep questions to a minimum – they are a small gang that work together. Teeth are used to build their homes and cities and in this magical place that we are not able to get to. I have been given some random questions that ‘spur of the moment’ answers may haunt me for years to come.  Either way, the history of how these magical being came into being is truly fascinating.

What is the going rate for a baby tooth?

I investigated this extensively. One of the biggest conundrums is “Is the first one to fall out worth more than the rest, or is that the opportunity to set a standard rate?

With 32 pearly whites in your teeth, is R10 a pop too little? Initially, the hubster and I didn’t think so, you see in the grand scheme of things, that mouthful of teeth is worth R320. You do not want to give too little an amount that they go and spend their tooth money on sweets, but you want to give enough to possibly incentivise them to save towards something. I am still trying to find the balance here because I have been known to go against all my beliefs when I haven’t got a smaller note and then suddenly the Tooth Fairy is being generous. *facepalm*

First Tooth Ritual

Setting precedence is something I am always mindful of. What you do for one you need to do for the other. Further investigation and wow I have been blown away by ideas and incentives because tooth care costs us all in the end.  


Thanks to Pinterest there are some really fun ways to present the tooth fairy or mouse.

  • My favourite has been a receipt from the tooth fairy inspecting the quality of the tooth and then leaving an amount.
  • The other was fairy dust everywhere (this one is the winner in our home).
  • On the first tooth, the child gets a really good quality toothbrush. There are so many on the market.
  • Fairy doors, to be used for all things magical. The ideas and possibilities are endless.
  • Heck, did you know that there are even apps on your phone to catch the elusive tooth fairy or mouse?

Do you save your children’s teeth?

What does one do with saved teeth? When does the fantasy end?

As much as it a game of cat and mouse, excuse the pun, I don’t want it to end because it means another milestone has ended and my babies are more teenager/adult than my little pre-schooler/toddlers.

Either way, time, please slow down?

Tooth Receipt from the Tooth Fairy
Printable Receipt from the Tooth Fairy
Certificate from the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Care and Oral Hygiene

I think that unless a parent or guardian has struggled with their teeth it’s a non-issue when it comes to brushing teeth and general upkeep of oral hygiene.

My girls are not scared of the Dentist and it may be that it is because I started taking them early. Our dentist doesn’t have the whole kid vibe but he is so gentle and even nearly shed a tear when he had to pull the oldest ones permanent molar.

It is an up and down battle when it comes to oral hygiene. Some days I rocked it as a parent and some days they have their teeth brushed and I leave the house not having brushed mine.

So, to end off, I ask you, can you handle the tooth?

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