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Malfly Gin and #MamaMeetupSA review

Malfy Gin and #MamaMeetupSA review

When life throws you curveballs, you Uber to a #MamaMeetUpSA event and catch Malfy Gin to review

Do you need a moms night out? I have seen the #MamaMeetUpSA events advertised, but due to family commitments I haven’t the opportunity to attend up till now. I was so excited to attend the last #MamaMeetUpSA event of the year . After the year I have had I needed a night out to have some fun, and wow, did this event deliver. This is my Malfy Gin and #MamaMeetupSA review

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Thomas & Friends. Big World! Big Adventure! Review

My introduction to Thomas the Tank Engine began many, many years ago when I was an au-pair in London. I looked after boys and one of their favourite shows was you guessed it, "Thomas the Tank Engine."

They had the toys and the accessories, and it kept them on track (I couldn't resist). I knew that one day, when I became a mom of boys, that Thomas and Friends would be one of our go-to toys.

Fast-forward life. Things had not gone according to plan. I am now the mom of two little girls, not boys.

That isn’t to say that they didn’t enjoy their outing. Mommy, and Thomas delivered. We were invited to the South African Premier of the latest Thomas the Tank Engine movie, Thomas and Friends – Big World! Big Adventures!

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Survival Guide to World Cup

How to Survive The Soccer World Cup 2018 [A Guide for wives, girlfriends and mothers.]

Last night, we watched the kick off to the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2018 held in Russia. Robbie Williams sang and for me, it will already be one of my favourite World Cups thus far. Now as an avid all round watcher of any big sporting event I realise that some partners may not have my enthusiasm - even though I have no clue on a good day. I thought it was best to write up a useful guide on ...

"How to Survive The Soccer World Cup  2018"

Saudi Arabia and Russia met on the field for the opening game. Russian scored 5 goals and I went to bed with the knowledge that Putin would be a very happy President. My prediction would be that there will be no oil deals in the near future with these two countries. I guess it brings in surviving into a whole new context.

As we head into the next few weeks soccer fever will escalate. Potentially so will most wives tempers. I approached 2 friends whose husbands are quite the avid soccer watchers.

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#GirlMomsMeetup | Mommy Review

An idea that became a reality.

My fellow co-founders and I still sit back in awe of what we created at the #GirlMomsMeetUp. More so now that we have had a chance to catch our breath and reflect back on the #GirlMomsMeetup event.

Did we achieve what we set out to do? Did what we hope to achieve get conveyed to our readers and followers? Looking forward to feedback.

Our mission

Get a small group of  mommy bloggers who have daughters together to start a conversation and review products and activities during a morning together.

Here is my feedback.

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#GirlMomsMeetup – Toy Kingdom Adventure

This past Saturday my girls and I had the pleasure of being invited to a Build-A-Bear workshop at the Toy Kingdom in the East Rand Mall

It all started with a pre-event gift unveiling of their Disney Princesses.

Once upon a time two little princess received a gift from the land of Toy Kingdom. So these princesses squealed with delight, not realising what was in store for them (I made a funny). They were about to embark on adventure with their mom.

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SA Mommy Blogger Awards 2017 | Best Comedian Writer

It has been one week since the South African Mommy Blogger Awards were announced and I am still walking around like a boss. My children partially listen to me. My husband thinks I am hilarious, well that is what I tell him to think about me.

What's Going On? [to be sung in the same tune as 4nonblondes.]

I won Best Comedian Writer at the 2017 SA Mommy Blogger Awards!!! That's what's going on!

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