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My Movie Review on “Arrival” and the choice I made to overanalyze (again).

Last weekend the Hubster and I grabbed some popcorn and settled in to watch Arrival.

Arrival stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Remmer who are on an important mission to find out why alien craft have suddenly appeared around the world. As it turns out these pods are trying to communicate and it’s up to the pair to figure out why they arrived on Earth and this needs to be done before war breaks out. I thought this was just another lame sci-fi but it turned out to be so much more.

Do I like to review sci-fi?

I have mixed emotions about sci-fi movies, but when you marry a man who lives for them and requires me to throw a tantrum before we get to watch something girly (which more often than not proves to be a massive disappointment) you have to learn to cope. So what I thought would be the background soundtrack to me working on my Pinterest life, has managed to leave me so deep in thought and reflecting on this whole parenting/adult journey and choices we make.

Whilst this isn’t about the movie… it’s a question of time and being a mother and what you would do if you knew how things would play out and having the knowledge of the choices would you make. To say it moved me is an understatement. Wide awake I desperately wanted answers to questions I hadn’t even thought through properly.

A few themes resonated with me around our choices and the way we communicate and how these sometimes interlink. I think when it comes to communicating and adulating in general I am going to leave this to another post or possibly posts. So much to say.

Getting back to; after the movie had finished and we went to bed. I lay there thinking about my choices. My choice to leave school and not study immediately. The choices I see friends make. To have kids to not have kids. To have a career. The choice in how we live our lives and the decisions we make. The choices that have lead us onto a specific path and choosing to accept that where we are is the result of the decisions and choices we made.

The choice is a massive thing and whilst I myself just struggle to order off a menu. I cannot judge anyone or worry about them because at the end of the day being an adult is exhausting.

We choose to wake up and embrace the world in a certain way, whether it is actively being miserable, choosing to accept that bad luck is what we have or seeing the good in the world. We have the choice to change things we do not like. Should you do that radically you might be suffering with bipolar so maybe doing a reassessment before being a bull in a china shop and making life changing decisions is a good idea.

I look at my life and do I choose to do things differently? Well apart from saying something insensitive I choose to be where I am! I wouldn’t do anything differently I have a good life and I am blessed. It is HARD, but I choose to make it work.

We need to take responsibility for our choices and know that we are able to change what we do not like. And if we find ourselves in a situation where there is no choice then we need to change it so we are in control of our choices.

It was a different kind of movie to one I would usually choose to watch, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sometimes I think our ability to like or dislike a movie is directly related where we are in our lives at that moment.

What would you choose to do differently in your life?
What do you want to change if anything?
What did you think of the movie Arrival? Do you think I overanalysed a Hollywood sci-fi movie and took it to another level?


  • Lee-Ann
    Posted October 9, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    I enjoyed that read thank you 😀 your thinking has made me think about thinking 🤔 I think you over analyzed but im a good way 😀

    • Chanene
      Posted October 18, 2017 at 7:33 am

      Yes I do think I need to get this over analysing in check, I think you will appreciate an upcoming Instagram post I’m creating….

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