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Tag: Choices

My Movie Review on “Arrival” and the choice I made to overanalyze (again).

Last weekend the Hubster and I grabbed some popcorn and settled in to watch Arrival.

Arrival stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Remmer who are on an important mission to find out why alien craft have suddenly appeared around the world. As it turns out these pods are trying to communicate and it’s up to the pair to figure out why they arrived on Earth and this needs to be done before war breaks out. I thought this was just another lame sci-fi but it turned out to be so much more.

Do I like to review sci-fi?

I have mixed emotions about sci-fi movies, but when you marry a man who lives for them and requires me to throw a tantrum before we get to watch something girly (which more often than not proves to be a massive disappointment) you have to learn to cope. So what I thought would be the background soundtrack to me working on my Pinterest life, has managed to leave me so deep in thought and reflecting on this whole parenting/adult journey and choices we make.

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