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Tag: Kids

Mother’s Day: A day to be recognised for ‘our’ awesomeness

Mother ‘verbto bring up a child with care and affection. Mother’s Day ‘noun’ celebrated on the second Sunday in May. A day in which motherhood and the influences of mothers in society and families are celebrated. A day to celebrate with cards, flowers and gifts. Mother’s DayT&T’ a day everyone lets mom know how much she is loved and appreciated, as she gathers her snot flickers to get in the car or starts prepping for lunch. She may have had breakfast in bed but needs to go clean the kitchen up.

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Tonic and Tiaras

Rest-a-rant 🍝: eating out with kids

My first memory of eating out with kids is with Miss K - she was about 9 months old, well around that age. It was the crawling stage, not quite walking but definitely not sitting. Miss K being the firstborn, I was still so naive.

One Saturday morning we decided

We woke up one Saturday morning with a twinkle in our eyes and the hubster suggested we go to our local coffee shop for a breakfast.  Thinking it was a fabulous idea, I imagined us sitting at the table chatting and laughing while sipping elegantly on our Americano’s with not a drop of food on my top.

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