Having a 5 year old going onto 19, I have been in some situations and the most recent was the please can I have a sleepover…

What to do, what to do? For me it is easy. My husband and I (still not sure how much I can involve him in my thoughts here) have come to a conclusion. Quite simply, we do not do sleepovers full stop. (See what I did there to focus on my “point”)

As in life there is no black and white, unless you choose the option on your Instagram pic, but even then there are varying levels of grey. The children can have a sleepover at grandparents and selected family members are still open to interpretation.

I remember sleepovers at my aunt (she is older by 6 months) so that makes her 21 and a half. We had the best sleepovers and it was a yearly event that I was so excited to be a part of. Now why would I stop my own daughters from a sleepover? Oh the mischief we got up to. Nightmare on Elm Street was all the rage and so were prank phone calls off an actual landline. Besides the usual reasons, rules are different at people’s homes and whilst I know I cannot control everything I want to try while I can.

I read an article that gave some good ideas as to deal with a slumber party and sleepover and there were some helpful suggestions.

We are now letting her know that we do not let her sleepover at other people’s homes but if the parents are happy we will happily accommodate the children at our house. We also inform the parents and I generally think everyone is on the same wavelength more or less with regards to this subject.

Some suggestions are: Why not shake it up and have a late play date in pyjamas and then the kids go home a bit later past their bedtime. Or have an early breakfast play date where they can be guests in their pyjamas.

What are your thought on this?