This weekend starts the birthday craze that I thought ended in December but alas I was wrong so most babies were conceived around Easter (I think).

There are many mixed rainbow emotions when it comes to kiddies’ party – I love the copious amount of sugar. I do not admit this to my daughter who you would think I deprive all things sucrose related –she is that child with her head in a cupcake grasping on jelly tots and flings.

Emotions range from happy due to the sugar and adult company being present, to being nervous about  what happens if I eat too much sugar and scare the adult company by either being super talkative or nursing a sugar low. And if there are adults, what do I say to sound like I am an in control mother who has a clue, even if it is slightly skewered and covered in chaos.

It is only now that I am able to attend a party and make small talk as my 2 year 10 month 12 day old snot flicker is much more independent. Before this I felt like a dodgy stalker, not even helicopter parent,  as she screamed at me as if I was going to kidnap her, all the while, happily giving away too much personal family info. Her bowel movements are currently a hot topic for all who will listen, that is everyone but close family.

I have a problem (that is besides jumping between stories and forgetting what I am saying). I do not like people being alone and I am so desperate for grown up conversation,  all the while happy to be left in my crazy mind. See conflicted.

So ‘small talk’ guidelines when an awkward silence emerges at a birthday party:

  • Do not talk about the weather – however this will be unavoidable so when this does come up consider asking what holidays are planned in the coming year?
  • Politics well in South Africa I feel I can safely say this can make for interesting conversation and lively debate. Most would stay clear but I feel this could be a surprising go to topic. Possibly use the “Trump” card and bring in the States.
  • Books and reading – this is great as it is fun to find more selection for adults and children alike.
  • Food – I love food so any new recipes or helpful hints are always a go to for me.

My anxiety hits a lovely level 6 at the prospect of attending a party albeit short lived so I choose not to think about it too much. My biggest fear is ending up sitting in a corner singing Celine Deon ‘all by myself?”

What does one wear to a party? What gift to get and what is considered acceptable to give? anxiety levels are creeping up… excuse me while I go rock in the shower as I prepare for tomorrow.

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  1. We can always talk ‘travel’ – I don’t think we finished this conversation. I remember someone needing to wee, whilst the other climbed into the the cupcakes. Love your blog xxx

  2. “what do I say to sound like I am an in control mother who has a clue, even if it is slightly skewered and covered in chaos.” – love this!

    1. Thank you… maybe I should brand this on stuff 🙂

  3. How clever are you, you are even more amazing after reading your blog, we always have such laughs when we are together, but who knew you could be so funny whilst writing!! Love your work and thanks for making me laugh and making me seem more normal than thought!!

    1. Why thank you 🙂

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